About Med Tech Cleaners

Crime Scene Cleaners

Suicide, Crime and Trauma Scenes plus, Distressed Properties and Hoarding

Med Tech Biohazard Cleaners is a privately owned company with service locations in Seattle, Washington, Spokane, Washington, Vancouver Washington, Portland Oregon and Boise, Idaho. Our work focus allows us to focus on Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. We specialize in bio hazard abatement but we will clean anything that is within the scope of our license and training. We are truly experts in our field of hazardous materials cleaning.

Our technicians are highly educated in cleaning up medical waste, trauma scenes, containment, deodorization and disposal of potentially infectious materials. To obtain the highest level of service, our technicians continually upgrade their training. The generic terms for Crime Scene Cleanup include trauma cleaning, biorecovery, crime and trauma scene decontamination, CTS Decon, blood cleanup and bio cleaning and crime scene clean up. The State of California refers to individuals who practice this profession as Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioners.

The background of our team includes highly specialized military training,hospital training, and commercial construction, medical and hazardous materials training.

We are the only company that not only cleans the room, but we also restore the room back to original condition. Other cleaning companies clean the home or business and then they leave the scene for a contractor to finish the job.

With us you only have to work with us. We know that the experience is painful enough without a team of construction workers going through your home. We use EPA hospital grade disinfectants to sanitize the soiled area. Our technicians use level C personal protective equipment at all times.


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